Sal Island Cape Verde

Tullio Mazzeo 19/03/2016

Sal Island Cape Verde ‘the main port of entry in the archipelago of Cape Verde as with the largest international airport – Amilcar Cabral Airport – which made the Sal Island easy to reach and, therefore, the most popular of ‘archipelago by foreign tourists. So flat and arid stretches to offer a “lunar” landscape, visitors who arrive by air Sal, in stragande majority staying in Santa Maria, a town that boasts a long coastline (ten km) of white sand overlooked the best holiday parks and Sal Island resort.

If the archipelago of Cape Verde, in the various islands, still retains its rhythms and its way of life, typical of the Creole community, the coastal stretches of Sal Island, especially in the area of ​​Santa Maria, in recent years they have recorded an impressive growth of tourism flows and consequently the services and accommodation facilities, with the construction of numerous villages, resorts, apartments and hotels. Although the building and activities related to tourism and the number of tourists who reach Ps are still growing; on a human scale and true to the soul of Cape Verde remains the wharf area where every day is held among the residents of the area the sale of the fish.

The Sal Island is certainly the best equipped of the archipelago for the practice of water sports, from diving to windsurfing; for board sports fans is great sea in front of the three dune beach at Ponta Preta, while sea lovers will be amazed by the spectacle offered by the natural pool of Burracona. Pleasant holiday interlude can be a visit to the colorful Espargos, situated at the center of the island, with stops at local restaurants.

To do in Sal: PEDRA DO LUME
The unusual sight of an ancient crater flooded with water so salty to float anyone is the calling card of PEDRA DO LUME, a town in the north of the island. Must for those who stay in Sal, the crater once served as saline; magical sight, formats lakes from water seepage give great thrill to the many who stop to enjoy an unusual bathroom.

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